On Christmas Eve 2011, the congregation at the Asbury Christmas Eve Services heard the message that their offering would go towards something bigger than them – something that would transform the life of someone in our community in a real and lasting way. But, beyond the offering, the congregation was asked to pray for this project. Pray for God’s will and that the people of Asbury would step outside their circle of comfort and join together for a life- changing cause. The following February, the project Asburians had been praying about was revealed: “The Nehemiah Project.”  Since the launch of The Nehemiah Project in 2012, five homes in Wichita have been dramatically improved and lives of their owners changed forever!

The Nehemiah Project takes the home of a complete stranger and through the efforts of a lot of volunteers, remodels and transforms it. The transformation changes the look of the home, but it also helps the owners break the chain of disrepair that their home represented and the emotional discouragement that comes along with that disrepair.

Those who call Asbury Church home and those in the Wichita Community are encouraged to nominate neighbors, friends, colleagues – anyone who could benefit from this project. The nominations are then given to the Project Team for final selection. The top three homes are toured, the selection made and the family notified. Then the fun begins! Nominations are accepted in the spring of the year. Contact the Church Office at 316-942-1491 for more information. 


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